Guy Tal Photography

Winter Aspens
Winter is the harshest of seasons in these parts. Beyond the cold temperatures, many places become inaccessible, color is nearly absent, and the crisp, cold air is devoid of scents. It is a time of contradictions - beautiful and dangerous, painful and peaceful, timeless and fleeting. Wandering among the dormant trees, their delicate limbs bare, often encrusted in snow or ice, I find beauty in the silence and stillness. As the storms pass through, delicate icy fog fills the groves adding magic and mystery to a world of dormant boles.


Blue Mist


Thanksgiving Snow


Tangled Web


Frosty Lace




Aspens, Filtered Light


Silent Devastation


Aspen Blues


Blue Slumber


Soft Blanket


Silent Witnesses


Peaceful Rest


Misty Blues


Winter Shadows


Winter Dreams


Winter Comes


Fading into Mist


Winter Lace


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