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Vegetative States
It is easy, sometimes, to ignore the amazing variety of moods, colors, and intricate arrangements created by plants - trees and bushes and shrubs and grasses. They morph with the weather and the seasons and the hours of the day and always prove worthy companions in good and bad times.


Autumn Aura


Inner Space


Iridescent Chaos


A Merging of Worlds


Minor's Aspens


Misty Aspens


Aspens and Willows


Autumn Shroud


Cold Flames




Colorful Rest


Inkling of Spring


Alder Forest Mosaic


Camouflaged Alders


Willows and Cottonwoods


Frosted Cottonwood


Devils in the Details


Fiery Grasses


Tamarisk Flame






Oaks and Maples


Water Birch Fractals


Oaks Rejuvenated


Slow Awakening


Blueberries and Mosses






The Graceful Dead




Monet's Valley


Autumn Mosaic


Autumn Coat


In Memoriam


Colorful Farewell


Infinite Autumn


Early Signs


Winter is Over


Heart of Winter


Intricate Calm


Piliferous Poppy


Illuminated Tips


Invasive Crimson


Restful Tapestry


Chaos Theory


Social Trails


Slow Recovery


Buckwheat Tapestry


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