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Of the many natural wonders I have seen, deserts remain my refuge and main source of inspiration. In these places of extremes, I find endless beauty. More than that, in deserts I feel at home more than I do in any other place.
The Mojave is the smallest of the great American deserts. Though geographically contiguous to the high deserts of the Colorao Plateau, where I live, the Mojave has a different personality altogether. As soon as I begin my descent from the sandstone pateaus, the perfume of sagebrush gives way to the unmistakable scent of creosote, which dots the landscape, along with cholla cacti and Joshua trees, as far as the eye can see.
In these images I tried to convey the essence of how I feel in the Mojave. Certainly, documenting its distinctive geology and flora would have served a more scientific study, but to me the experience of the Mojave is in the stories of its many threads woven together.


Lay of the Land


Hidden Mine


Dune Walk


Last Hurrah


Ethereal Sands




Silvery Sediment




The Racetrack


Down but not Out


Time Passes




Erosion Ridges


Alluvial Wonderland


Marble Flame


Petrified Puddle


Rock Bubbles


Ephemeral Light


Desert Squall


Rare Fog


Stream of Life


Sensuous Sands


Dream On


Desert Dweller


Heart Of The Desert


Grace and Grit


Land of Shadows


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