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Speaking Engagements by Guy Tal

I believe that the proper expression of gratitude for a life of inspiration is to pay it forward. Few things are as rewarding to me as sharing some of the events, stories and images that shaped my own journey and the lessons they taught me. Among the lives I had lived over the last four decades, I have been a soldier in a war-torn Middle East, a teacher, a technology evangelist, a business owner, a Fortune-500 IT consultant and manager, an artist, a wilderness guide, a desert rat and a resident of a small town in rural America. I had been privileged to witness and experience immense beauty, drama and tragedy; moments of blissful solitude on mountain tops and in the depths of canyons; and lasting friendships with amazing people. My presentations are aimed to inspire vision and creativity and to enrich one's life through the practice of art, communing with raw natural beauty and the creation of meaningful, expressive personal work.

Talks can be tailored to fit any size of audience and venue and delivered as either keynote presentations or interactive lectures.

Please contact me for inquiries and scheduling.

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