Twenty Fourteen

| December 30, 2014

In the years to come I likely will look back at 2014 as a trying and emotional year – a year of great loss and great inspiration, great tragedy and great kindness, great disappointment and great friendship. In the final days of December, I traveled with close friends to spend a few days in one of the most remote corners of the Mojave desert. Under a persistent succession of small storms we witnessed some of the greatest beauty I had experienced in many years. Beyond the reach of cellular phones and the Internet I had no way of knowing of the tragic events that unfolded in another place, and a loss so overwhelming that I am yet to fully grasp its magnitude.

I likely will write more about these experiences some day, but things still are too raw and painful and unsettled, and I am very tired, both physically and emotionally. And so I work, for the usual reasons and because it keeps my mind from wandering, for the most part. As words fail me, I will close out this challenging year with a few of the images I made in the preceding months, some in the throes of sorrow and mourning, others in times of happiness and hope, if for no other reason than to mark a much needed end to 2014.

Another year beckons, and I look forward to more stories and mysteries, more lessons and more beauty. Indeed, the most worthwhile things we may experience are such because they are paid for in the currency of life.

I wish to express my immense gratitude for those who continue to share their love, friendship and inspiration with me – my wife first among them – and for the wildness of life, places and things that continues to feed my soul.

And so, it is my privilege to share with you some of the images that underscored a trying year, and to wish you a happy and prosperous 2015.

A selection of color and B&W work from the year that was.


A Moment of Peace

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Guy Tal is an author and photographic artist. He resides in a remote part of Utah, in a high desert region known as the Colorado Plateau—a place that inspired him deeply for much of his life and that continues to feature in his images and writing. In his photographic work, Guy seeks to articulate a reverence for the wild. He writes about, and teaches, the values of living a creative life and finding fulfillment through one’s art.

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  1. Russ Bishop says:

    As always Guy, your words are eloquent and your images are a feast for the eyes.

    I always appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts on the emotional side of image making, and I hope that the beauty you create can lift your spirits in this difficult time. I wish you continued success and the good tidings that only the natural world can provide in the year ahead.


  2. Rachel Cohen says:

    Beautiful post Guy, both in words and images. I wish you warmth, peace, and healing in this year to come as well as continued happiness and success!

    Take good care


  3. Happy New Year, Guy, and peace to you and yours as you begin to heal from your loss.

  4. Alex Filatov says:

    I’m so sorry that you’re hurting Guy, especially in this festive time of the year. I often find it hard to comprehend how painful and brutal life can be, while at other times so amazingly beautiful.
    It’s a beautiful collection of images, I wish you continued healing and all the best in 2015!

  5. Dan Baumbach says:

    If the image, “Letting Go”, is a sign of your grief and renewal, then I have great faith for you in 2015. I just love that photograph.

    Best to you and your family in 2015. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet in some canyon.

  6. John Wall says:

    That’s a terrific gallery of recent images, Guy. Thank you for sharing them and the stories too, and thanks most of all for the inspiration. Looking forward to a revelatory 2015.

  7. Floris says:

    Wishing you much warmth, peace, strength, and happiness, Guy. May the deserts heal you!

    Beautiful images. I love your desert trumpet photos – I’ve loved those plants ever since exploring death valley as a little kid. You captured their magic so perfectly!

  8. Wade Thorson says:

    Thank you Guy, for sharing your gifts. They are insightful and emotional gifts that capture the essence of a life well lived. I look back at a year replete with joy and pain as well, and understand the failure of words to describe those emotional times. Without joy and pain, how will you know you’re alive? My favorite images from your collection are Birthday Storm, Blissful Isolation and Inner Space. They speak volumes, each with a different emotion. Peace!

  9. GPSherman says:

    The final day of the year beckons the beginning of the next. I hope your pain fades, not necessarily quickly, but with understanding and acceptance, and perhaps growth.

    I end my year reviewing your impossibly beautiful images again, gasping now and then when the next photo appears, filling my eyes with such beautiful color and my imagination with awe.

    Thank you for enriching my life in 2014.


  10. Chuck Hooker says:

    Thank you Guy. May you have health, happiness, and peace in the New Year.

  11. Wishing you healing, hope and happiness in this new year.

  12. Daniel Ruf says:

    Thanks for all your sharing in 2014. I’m still enjoying every morsel of “More Than A Rock” and thank you for those insights.