Guy Tal | Photographer, Author, Artist

Sometimes, In The Desert
I have been a dweller and explorer of the American deserts for more years than I would care to recount. During this time I had the great privilege of seeing these places in their most extreme and most subtle, most enduring and most ephemeral. Every so often, if I am especially fortunate, I also get to experience fleeting sights and moods only known to very few, sometimes to no other.

A Moment of Peace Sometimes, in the Desert A Story Ends
Letting Go Coyote Luna Unraveling
Winter Kindness In Time A Deeper Breath
Inner Space Waterlines Inner Time
Birthday Storm Monsoon Virga Poem of Earth
Luminary Autumn Storm Arrives Luminous Life
Once Upon a Desert Between Two Eternities Castle Gates
Fleeting Waters While It Lasts Morning, Desert Playa
Blue Passage The Loneliest Season Ground Zero
Icebreaker Arctic Canyon Icy Flow
Seasonal Effect Desert Winter Monumental Eve
Desert Color Above the Clouds Desert Grace
The Mountains Beyond Dune Mirage Curtain Call
Storm Sentinels Windblown Desert Green

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