Guy Tal | Photographer, Author, Artist

Seasons on The High Plateaus
This is a stark and lonesome place. Vegetation is scarce, and other than local cowboys few people find reason to visit. To me, it is a place of magic, where I often go to seek solitude. Each season brings with it new colors, patterns, and experiences.

Early Autumn Storm Morning Rain Gentle Onset
Profiles Sage Slopes Between the Storms
Autumn Virga A Memorable Afternoon Homecoming
First Flurries Emerald Woods The Calm
Floodlight Illuminations Undulations
Winter Arrives Snow Passages Ripple in Time
Plateau Sky Indefatigable Storm Approaches
The Way Home Monsoon Season Arrives Summer Palette
Monsoon Mirage A Moment of Gratitude Light Sabres
A Merging of Worlds Misty Aspens Early Spring Fog
Summer Ethereal First Flurries Ephemera
Lost Souls Ponderosa, Early Spring Early Thaw

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