Guy Tal | Photographer, Author, Artist

Sandstone Worlds
No other place moves me as much as the sandstone labyrinths of the Colorado Plateau. Having explored these soulful places for nearly half my life, they are more a home and a sanctuary to me than anywhere else I have ever been.

Better Days Refuge In The Slickrock
Canyon Moment An Unlikely Convergence Desert Garden
Rhapsody in Stone Speed of Silence Petrified Velvet
Nest of the Thunderbird A New Day Dawns Sheltered
Hidden Autumn Autumn Oasis Distant Memory
Sandstone Petals Caught in the Vortex Skeletal Sandstone
Passage of Time Dawn Above the Canyon The Next Turning
Late Autumn on the Plateau Maple and Canyon Wall Striped Slot
A Beautiful Corpse Stacked Triangles Into The Light
The Peace of Wild Places What Lies Ahead Luminous Ceiling
Flow of Life Another Day Not Wasted Geologic Time
Hazy Canyon Morning Morning on the Rim Red Rock Dawn
Searchlights Towering Below Where Nobody Goes
Sculpted Seep Glowing Arch Deep Dwelling
Invasive Crimson Restful Tapestry Chaos Theory
Canyon Mystique Untrammeled Canyon Layer Cake
Break In The Storm Edges  

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