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The Good Badlands
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These arid places of clay and shale are the backdrop to harsh, desolate, and infinitely delicate vignettes. To a casual visitor, it is a sun baked wasteland of lifeless grey earth, caked and cracked and carved by rare floods. To the patient observer, however, there is great beauty here, delicate and subtle, but it does not reveal itself easily. You have to want to see it, and be willing to work hard for it. On rare years, wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for just few precious days; miss it and you may never get another chance. This area is also coveted by off-road enthusiasts, in many places despite legal closures to protect the fragile ecosystem. This is a place where humans always struggled, yet always fought for.

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Resting Place A Lonesome Perch A Day of Rest
Dignity of Light Luminous Touch Signs of the Times
Defiance Epicenter Glowing Ramparts
Launch Pad In Due Course Evening Falls
Sea Change Rolling Stones Timelines
Ever After Convolusions In A Faraway Land
Velvety Moonlight Radiant Pastels Golds and Blues
Cloud Shadow Infinite Funnels Shale Ramparts
Badlands Pastels Crumbling Castle Claylands
Future Fossil Spring Vortex Survivor
Awash in Color First Blooms Early Purples
Streaming Color The Wait is Over Alluvial Rug
Badlands in Bloom Rare Beauty A Perfect Morning
Butte in Pastels Aglow Quiet Butte
Pastel Ocean Above the Reef Undulating Pastels
Transformations The Desert Dreams Winter Color
Badlands Autumn Cottonwoods and Old Tractor Cottonwood Blues
Fremont Winter The Loneliest Season Fractals Within Fractals
Pleasant Eve Low Cloud Badlands Dawn
Special Relativity Bentonite Planet Geologic Time

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