Guy Tal | Photographer, Author, Artist

These are my explorations of the colorful hills of bentonite clay, once an ancient sea bed and now part of an area known by its early settlers as the baddest of the badlands. These mineral-rich hills are soft and porous and adorned in every hue imaginable, and at times even transcending imagination.

Desolate Perch Splashes Multihued
Adagio in Blue Gritty Velvet Lavender Ridges
Color Coded Cerulean Splash Meanders in Color
The Nave Bentonite Ocean Signs of Life
Earthly Delights Verdant Defiance Bentonite Dreams
Crumbling Ancient Flow Geoaesthetics
In the Blues Alluvial Meanders Pillowy
Alluvial Rainbow Blue Planet Remains of the Sea
Undulations Fantasy in Clay Into The Blue
Illuminated Ridges Vincent's Palette Do Not Disturb
Sweet Dream Bentonite Epidermis Time to Wake

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