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Cottonwood Moods
Fremont Cottonwoods are among the most ubiquitous and iconic trees growing in the desert of my home, the Colorado Plateau. Their presence anywhere in the landscape indicates the proximity of water. Their thick and twisted trunks often speak of the struggle to survive in the face of adversity. Indeed, these trees persist through periods of drought, massive floods, extremes of heat and cold - all of which shape and temper them so that no two are alike. Those of us prone to the indiscretion of anthropomorphism may see in them the visages of ancient mystics, scarred by time yet oblivious to it. Twice a year these solemn giants go through profound transformations: donning the lime-green buds of spring folliage after a naked winter slumber; and assuming a glowing gold coat in autumn, before the leaves are shed again. Cottonwoods are recurring charachters in my desert stories, and their presence is almost constant in the places I love more than any other.

Canyon Autumn Afternoon Autumn Revelation The Living Years
Red, White and Blue Desert Brush Tapestry Sheltering Walls
Autumn Ornaments Slow Dancing The Loneliest Season
Better than Television Cold Flames The Desert Dreams
Frosted Cottonwood Cottonwood Blues Badlands Autumn
Transformations Home for the Holidays Spring Coat
Badlands Cottonwoods, Autumn The Observer Refuge
Sheltered Untrammeled Oasis Visiting An Old Friend
Badlands Autumn Blissful Isolation The Glowing Season
In The Slickrock Remains of the Day Winter Mist
Cold Sleep Blue and Broken Sentinels
Cottonwood Blues Sheltering Limbs Willows and Cottonwoods
End of the Day Wintry Sunrise Reawakening
Glowing Cottonwood Cottonwood, Winter Light Eary Winter
Frosted Cottonwood Winter Peace Liberated by Light
Canyon Breeze Early to Rise Winter Flamenco
Winter Minuet Bare Essentials Desert Autumn Celebration
Psychedelic Dreams Luminous emergence  

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