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2014 Color Sampler
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A Moment of Peace Sometimes, in the Desert A Story Ends
Letting Go Coyote Luna Unraveling
Winter Kindness In Time A Deeper Breath
Inner Space Waterlines Inner Time
Visiting An Old Friend Winter Comes Blissful Isolation
Autumn Aura Meandering Headwaters Iridescent Chaos
Early Autumn Storm Morning Rain Gentle Onset
Autumn Rejuvenated Canyon, Autumn Afternoon Summit Basin, Autumn
Aspens and Willows The Rust Season Let It Storm
Colorful Rest Autumn Shroud Badlands Autumn
Vigil Silent Witness Remembrance
Birthday Storm Monsoon Virga Poem of Earth
Vincent's Palette Shadowplay Luminous Life
Between Two Eternities Luminary Castle Gates
Monsoon Mirage A Moment of Gratitude Light Sabres
Alluvial Rainbow Blue Planet Remains of the Sea
Undulations Fantasy in Clay Into The Blue
Crumbling Ancient Flow Geoaesthetics
In the Blues Alluvial Meanders Pillowy
Fleeting Waters While It Lasts Morning, Desert Playa

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