Guy Tal | Photographer, Author, Artist

Desert Haikus
Some stories are best told in a novel, while others lend themselves better to the succinct poignancy of poems, proverbs, or haikus. Similarly, some visual stories are best told in portfolios, while others can be distilled to a single image. These images represent meaningful anecdotes in the undfolding story of my life in the American desert. They are self-contained moments, each a story unto itself.

The Trickster Washed Away Anthropomorphism
Hoodoo Day Water Light Dance Sandstone Petals
Refuge Wind Scribbles Alluvial Fractals
Windswept Blooms Lair of Sands Bajada
The Abyss Burning Bush River Works
Stalwart Anchored Safe Passage
Rocky Slope Fractalia Scaffoldings

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