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Mystery People
The ancient people of the Southwest were among those lost to what some historians believe was the greatest genocide in the history of humanity. Their legacy remains largely unknown and misunderstood, adding insult to injury. Despite not leaving a written account, evidence exists for a rich culture espousing a deep reverence for the natural world. Certainly there was no lack of violence and war, as well. Over the years I spent quite a bit of time with these ancient remnants, trying to imagine life in these places hundreds and thousands of years before my time. Many of these relics are left in situ in remote and improbable places, and visiting them can be an experience far more powerful than seeing them in a museum exhibit.

Ancient Handprint Metate and Mano Tightrope Walker
Curiousity Ghostly Impressions We Were Here
Grinding Stone Kitchen Counter Alcove Ceiling
Adobe Granary Kiva Ghosts Food Supply
Mementos Medicine Bowl Hunting Camp
Against The Grain Echoes of Another Life Sharpening Stone

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