2013 in Retrospect

| December 23, 2013

The end of a calendar year may seem an arbitrary time for reflection, but there’s something powerful about so many people doing it at the same time, making trends, commonalities and differences more pronounced as they can be readily examined side by side.

2013 was an unusual year for me. It was not as productive in terms of images or writings as other years, but it was rewarding in many other ways. This was a year of contemplating and reconciling ideas, finding more depth and nuance in stories and places, and getting to know many inspiring people.

Long-term writing efforts kept me from posting too many anecdotal images or thoughts in the last few months, but such is the sacrifice of working on more ambitious undertakings. It taught me about the importance of self discipline, prioritizing attention, and the benefits of deferring momentary gratification for the sake of more complex, sustained and rewarding creative work.

The images I include here touch on several new concepts. Some are parts of  more elaborate bodies of work, still in development, but examined individually they touch on important milestones experienced in the course of 2013 – ideas, experiences and places. They also serve as exciting starting points to the new year, and I look forward to seeing what else they may lead to.

Beyond other benefits of stopping here to reflect, is the opportunity to express my gratitude to YOU who read, follow and support my work; you who inspire me with your own art and ideas; you who make my work possible.  I strive to continue to be worthy of it.

My warmest wishes to all of you. Here’s to an exciting, enlightening and productive 2014!

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Guy Tal is an author and photographic artist. He resides in a remote part of Utah, in a high desert region known as the Colorado Plateau—a place that inspired him deeply for much of his life and that continues to feature in his images and writing. In his photographic work, Guy seeks to articulate a reverence for the wild. He writes about, and teaches, the values of living a creative life and finding fulfillment through one’s art.

Comments (19)

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  1. Bill Stice says:

    Guy, some of your best images in my opinion. They are stunning!

  2. Sean Bagshaw says:

    Absolutely some of your best work. Thanks for sharing your 2013 thoughts and images with us.

  3. Alister Benn says:

    A super collection of very contemplative images. Wishing you the very best for the holidays and the New Year ahead. Although we haven’t connected directly this year, I do follow your work and manage to read a great deal of your writing. We too have been bus, being finally resident back in Scotland after 15 years in SW China and Tibet. Taking some getting used to, but being back home and connecting with a landscape I have known since infancy has been enlightening. Peace mate…

  4. Dave Kosiur says:

    I wish you all the best for your endeavors in the coming year. Looking forward to following more of your written (and photographic) thoughts, especially your big writing project!

    This is not only a time for reflection, but also a time to look forward … (no New Year’s resolutions, please! 😉

  5. Richard Wong says:

    Very nice Guy. Always a pleasure to see your work. Happy holidays and looking forward to seeing what you have in store in 2014.

  6. Frank Field says:

    Guy – A wonderful gallery of year-end images. Will be anxious to see how you more fully explore them, each image a nice base for memorable projects and work. Best wishes for healthy and productive 2014. Frank

  7. Alex Filatov says:

    A stunning collection, every image draws the viewer in. Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year Guy!

  8. Guy it’s great to see what photos caught your eye this past year. I look forward to seeing how some of these fit into your future projects. I’m also eager to learn more about your writing efforts. Congratulations on the self-discipline portion of your year. Having struggled with that and time management in general this year I can empathize. I hope 2014 is an even more enjoyable and productive year for you and your family.

  9. Stellar collection this year, as always, Guy. Glad you had a rewarding year. Kiva Ghosts and Monumental Eve are my two favorites here and two of those that I almost chose when making the earlier print selection. You continue to inspire with your unique vision.

  10. Greg Russell says:

    Congratulations on another stunning year, Guy. Your work continues to inspire, and I always enjoy looking at it.

    Best wishes to you and Sarah for a happy 2014!

  11. Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing this Guy. Very inspiring photography, and I appreciate the subtleties that you embrace. Wishing you more inspirations and further enlightenment in 2014!

  12. Dan Baumbach says:

    It’s too easy to leave a reply on just one image instead of the collection.

    Very nice collection. Misty Blues, Fellow Wander and Desert Winter are my favorites.

    – Dan

  13. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughtful images and musings! Love your “Graceful Merging!”

    Cheers, Bill

    PS I hope to post my favorite 2013 images soon…

  14. Brad Mangas says:

    Wishing you very happy and prosperous coming year. Take care Guy.

  15. Michael Frye says:

    A really beautiful set of images Guy, with lots of diversity.

  16. Wonderful set of images! Always inspiring!

  17. A great collection of sublime yet superbly evocative images, Guy. Truly masterful work to which your words only add an added sense of eloquent illumination. 🙂

    Cheers & have a great 2014. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  18. Stuart Williams says:

    Guy, a very elegant and exquisitely crafted collection of 15 images. If some of them are beginnings, as you suggest, then I look forward to seeing where they take you. All the best for 2014! Stuart