Lens & Pens: A Writing Workshop for Photographers

| January 12, 2017

The act of writing, when it goes well, gives me a pleasure, a joy, unlike any other. It takes me to another place–irrespective of my subject–where I am totally absorbed and oblivious to distracting thoughts, worries, preoccupations, or indeed the passage of time. In those rare, heavenly states of mind, I may write nonstop until I can no longer see the paper. Only then do I realize that evening has come and that I have been writing all day. Over a lifetime, I have written millions of words, but the act of writing seems as fresh, and as much fun, as when I started it nearly seventy years ago. ~Oliver Sacks

Note: this workshop is now full. Please consider joining one or both of our mailing lists (Guy’s mailing list, Colleen’s mailing list) for updates about future workshops.

Photography and writing shaped my life at least as much as any other factor. To me, they are indispensable and compatible means for creative expression—distilling and elucidating ideas and emotions, experiences and philosophies into coherent narratives, for myself and for others. Practicing both professionally gave me the greatest freedom that a person may have: the freedom to live deliberately, to choose my allegiances and pursue knowledge.

It is my great honor and pleasure to join photographer, author and publisher, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, in offering this unique workshop (her brainchild). Colleen and I are both published authors and frequent contributors to a number of publications. We wish to share with you some of the joys and rewards of writing, as well as techniques for effective expression. We’ll also offer ideas and guidance about getting your work published. And, of course, we’ll take some time between classes to practice photography, write, and seek inspiration out of doors.

Please consider joining Colleen and me in the beautiful and remote desert landscape of Arizona’s Vermilion Cliffs for this unique writing workshops aimed specifically at expressive photographers.

More information and registration here: Lens & Pens: Vermilion Cliffs.

Lens and Pens Workshop

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Guy Tal is an author and photographic artist. He resides in a remote part of Utah, in a high desert region known as the Colorado Plateau—a place that inspired him deeply for much of his life and that continues to feature in his images and writing. In his photographic work, Guy seeks to articulate a reverence for the wild. He writes about, and teaches, the values of living a creative life and finding fulfillment through one’s art.

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